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Kuker INN Guest House in Plovdiv

Who are the Kukers?

The word ‘kuker’ (pl. kukeri) comes from Latin (‘cuculla,’ meaning a ‘hood’) and it denotes a folkloric ritual monster, a local man dressed in an elaborate suit of fur and ribbons, feathers and beads. These kukeri wear carved wooden scary masks with the faces of beasts and birds; hanging heavy copper or bronze bells around their waists as they dance and jump in arcane rituals intended to chase the evil spirits and bad energies. These mythological creatures recreates the connection between nature and man, celebrating the death of the winter and the coming of spring.

The custom of Kukeri in our lands originated more than 8000 years ago when the ancient Thracians were celebrated in the name of the Thracian god of joy –  Dionysius. 

Nowadays, the days when Kukeri dance is become joyful celebrations, the meaning of which bring people together for joy and love.

Because we are fascinating about the kukeri mythology, we named our guest house after the evil looking scary monsters. We will do our best to be kukeri ourselves and provide an evil spirit free environment during your stay.

Our Mission

because we care

Eco-Friendly Bed and Breakfast

In Kuker INN hostel Plovdiv we are trying to follow less plastic and eco friendly policy in order to even minimally contribute do dealing with the ecological and environment problems in 21st century. 

Food and Water

As you will see from our Bed and Breakfast page we follow less food waste policy and do not provide buffet breakfast every day. Anyway, we know that this is the most important meal of the day and we are happy to serve it to our guests. At the reception our guests can find our breakfast menu with 3 different options (Vegan, vegetarian and one for meat lovers, of course) and can add a breakfast to each day of their stay. The breakfast is made only from local fresh product bought from local producers.

  • To reduce unnecessary packaging waste in our rooms you won’t find bottled water, only filtered


We also operate a three day towel replacement policy, meaning that we don’t automatically replenish towels until the fifth day of your stay. We are happy to refresh towels on your request, however.


The small individual bottles of toiletries are wasteful of resources, not only in wasted content but also in plastic waste, so we supply as much as you will ever need of shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner in large bottles and dispensers in order to reduce the amount of waste generated. At the reception of Kuker INN hostel Plovdiv you will also find bamboo toothbrushes, reusable toiletries, etc.  

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Kuker INN Guest House

Address 145 ``6-ti septemvri``, Plovdiv, Bulgaria